Tuesday, March 08, 2005


We all know that a few days after his death, Christ rose from the grave. Well, seven months ago, I assassinated Hertzan Chimera in a piss-stinking back alley in the north'rn part of my mind. Gone lost forever.

Well, apparently not...

AuthorsDen, where my Hertzan Chimera account used to provide daily broadscasts of the spammy filth of said alter-ego seems to have been RE-ACTIVATED for nine days or so. It's nothing important to those of you who don't give a shit about AuthorsDen and their demands for money (even to those writers, like myself, who supported them from day one with my overkeen patronage) but to those who think AuthorsDen is the best thing since sliced bread and a real asset to their writing career, you might notice a certain GHOST or RESSURECTION of the old HC in various categories of books, fiction and poetry available for purchase and reading.

Well, the truth is, when I found the account was still active (three years after it was SUPPOSEDLY de-activated) I couldn't resist Editing EVERY ITEM I had up there, yes that's all the stories and poetry and books for sale and even some articles and news items. It'll officially only be a nine-day reprieve THIS TIME, or so they promise me, but nine days of mischief is better than none, eh?

Are you saying I have too much time on my hands, AuthorsDenners?

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